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Advantages of Membership

Learn a variety of nautical subjects taught by experienced instructors

Participate in many member recreational activities and social events both on and off the water

Meet and become friends with other boaters in our area

Be part of a network of boaters throughout the United States

Enjoy discounts on many boat insurance policies and Boat/US membership

Have the opportunity to give back to the community through activities such as teaching courses and cooperative charting,

Receive the official USPS magazine "The Ensign" and District 8 newsletters and our own "THE AFTERDECK" a monthly newsletter.

We HAVE FUN on and off the water.

Requirements for Membership

Membership is by application and is for anyone who shares our common love of boating, has passed the public boating course (or equivalent), and who is interested in advancing the objectives of the organization: the education of members, participation in civic programs, and the creation of an atmosphere of friendship and camaraderie among members.

If you have taken the home study or video version of the USPS course but have not taken the examination, arrangements can be made to take the examination.

Active members must be at least 18 years of age; there are no age considerations for family membership.

For Information or to Join, Please contact our Membership Chair

Lt/C Pam Piccone, S

Contact Membership Chair